A Visit to Santa Claus

There’s something about Christmas time that necessitates a visit to Santa Claus. There’s a wonder and a magic that is always visible on children’s faces when they meet that jolly old elf. We make it a tradition to find out where he is going to be and take our children for a visit to Santa Claus sometime during the Holiday Season.

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This year, our Chamber of Commerce put on a Festival of Trees with many fabulous events for people to attend. We were able to attend some of the events and it was a lot of fun.

The county library put on a story telling hour to showcase some of the library’s Christmas books. The gentleman reading the books was using various animal hand puppets to “read” the books. My kids seemed fascinated by the puppets. There was also a fabulous display of professionally decorated and donated Christmas trees. Also part of the festivities was a silent auction. All of these events were to raise money for charities in the area.

Our baby got a bit restless during the storytelling, so I took her to look at the displayed items in the silent auction. While we were “toddling” around the displays, Santa came walking into the building. My baby is only 15 months old, but she recognized that fantastic gentleman in the red suit. Her eyes went round and danced with laughter. She smiled and giggled and ran over to him.

A  Visit with Santa | MommyCrusader.com
Of course, the baby was the most fascinated by the candy cane. :)

My preschooler acted in much the same way when she had her turn to visit with Santa Claus. Her dimples were in full force when she sat on his lap and demurely explained all she wanted for Christmas was a castle. Both Daddy and I were a bit taken aback at that “modest” request. This was a wish that hadn’t been expressed earlier.

A  Visit with Santa | MommyCrusader.com
Our Preschooler enjoyed telling her Christmas wish to Santa.

My Kindergartener was very excited to see Santa as well. He hopped up on Santa’s lap without any hesitation. He happily explained that all he wanted was a few life sized Pokemon with working Poke-balls. Simple wishes, no?

A  Visit with Santa | MommyCrusader.com
Our Kindergartener with his class’s mascot (Teddy) visiting with Santa.

Our second grader wished, of course, for a robot. No surprise there, fortunately.

A  Visit with Santa | MommyCrusader.com
Our second grader sharing his Christmas wish with Santa.

Our fourth grade has entered a stage where she is scared of people she doesn’t know (not a bad stage to be in). She didn’t want to sit on Santa’s lap – and I was okay with that. But it was sad to me that she also didn’t want to tell him any Christmas wish. She seemed to want to say something, but she was hesitant and wouldn’t. Oh, the way our children grow up so quickly.

A  Visit with Santa | MommyCrusader.com
Our fourth grader accepting candy from Santa Claus.

We try to visit Santa sooner, rather than later, so our children can get their wishes in. I am always surprised at what my children ask for when they see Santa. We’ve tried to teach our children to be polite and respectful when the talk with other adults and it was nice to see that reflected in how they spoke to Santa. And although it was sad that my fourth grader didn’t have a wish for Santa this year, she was still really good about not making the other kids feel oddly about wanting to share their wishes with Santa.

Do you take your children to see Santa each year? Are you ever surprised by what they wish for? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Visiting Santa is one of our traditions too. It’s always nice when something you’re trying to teach your kids (like being polite) is proven to have sunken in! :)


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