Kid Created Christmas Ornaments Week 1: Toilet Paper Roll Angel Ornaments

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Thanksgiving is still awhile away, but we’ve been making Christmas ornaments on Sunday to help get us ready for Christmas. This is a fun tradition to have as a family. The ornaments are easy enough for kids to play a major role in their creation. And the ornaments look really nice. Plus, these ornaments are meant to be budget friendly. We’ll be making one ornament a week, including the week of Christmas, and posting the instructions and supplies here.  This week we made Toilet Paper Roll Angel Ornaments.

Supplies for One Angel:

One toilet paper roll
Silver spray paint
4 inches of white, wired craft ribbon, about 4 inches wide
12 inches of brown crocheting yarn
1 gold (or silver) jingle bell
1 holly berry floral pick
1 “ice” crusted branch
1 white and silver artificial Poinsettia bush
Pink, white, and black craft paint
10 inches of white crocheting yarn, to be the ornament’s hanger
1 toothpick
1 foam brush, 1 inch wide
1 stapler


* First, measure ½ inch down from the top of the toilet paper roll, and cut at the ½ mark ¾ of the way around the toilet paper roll. Bend the cut part up so that it separates from the top of the tube. This creates the halo for the angel.
* Next, paint the entire roll with the silver spray paint. Be sure to coat the inside of the halo as well. Wait for the roll to dry.

Our second grader painting the face on his angel.

* After the spray paint has dried, paint a strip of white across the top of the toilet paper roll, just under where it was cut. This will create the face area for the angel. Wait for the paint to dry. This may take a little while.
*Next, wrap the craft ribbon around the toilet paper roll, so it rests just under the white face. Make sure the ribbon overlaps in the back, and that it lies loosely on the toilet paper roll. Tie the brown crocheting yarn around the ribbon, tying the knot in the front of the angel. This makes the belt for the angel’s dress.  There should be lengths of string hanging down. This will be used to secure the adornments to the angel.

Our Kindergartener wrapping his angel’s dress around.

* Now, separate a holly berry from the holy berry pick and thread the bell onto the wire stem of the holly berry. Cut a two inch piece off of the “iced” branch and wrap the holly berry/jingle bell stem around the branch.  A holly leaf could also be used, instead of the branch. Now, lay the holly berry/jingle bell/branch cluster over the yarn knot and tie another knot. If desired, make a small bow out of the yarn. Then tie lose knots in the ends of the yarn.

Our fourth grader tieing on the belt.

* Now, cut two of the poinsettia leaves from the artificial flower. Try to have them match in size, and be sure to leave the stems on them. Lay the angel on the leaves so that the leaves look like angel wings coming out of the angel’s back. Staple each leaf in place.

Our preschooler adding the poinsettia leaves.

* Finally, using a light touch and a small finger, daub a bit of pink onto the face to be the angel’s cheeks. And using the end of a tooth pick dipped in black paint, daub on two eyes. Let the paint dry.

Our second grader adding the cheeks and eyes to his angel.

* After the paint has dried, tie the white crocheting yarn to the belt, in the back, then wrap the yarn around where the halo connects, creating a loop. This creates the hanger for the ornament.

Our flock of angels, ready to be hung on the tree… Now we just need to get a tree.

And the toilet paper angel ornament is completed and ready for the Christmas tree. One ornament costs less than $1 to make. The kids enjoyed making these angels with us this week and are excited to hang them from the tree. It was a fun Sunday afternoon around the table together.

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