Drowning in Projects!

Help! I’m drowning in projects. I have cross stiches I’d like to finish, a baby blanket for my five year old, some wood signs I’d like to work on, and a few sewing projects to do. Not to mention the other 30 percent of my house that needs to still be unpacked. I’d also like to teach my two oldest to play the piano, make painted feet prints of my baby’s feet, and refinish my table. Oh, and I have a book I started writing when I was in college that just needs about ten more chapters to be finished.

If I sit here much longer I’ll think up a whole page of projects that I’d like to do. And that’s before I spend any time on Pinterest. I see all sorts of adorable things I could do with my time, and they are all things want to do, but I just don’t seem to have time.

I had an insight about where I spend all of my time. I left my husband in charge of the home and kids for four hours today. When I came home, I found the family in good spirits, eating a delicious lunch. I had left a list of about five quick chores to do while I was gone.

My husband’s first words to me were “I don’t know how you get anything extra done with a baby in your arms.” None of the honey-do chores were done. All that had been achieved was basic daily maintenance – and a good dose of playing with the kids.

My desire to craft and create is closely linked to my desire to be a mom. Creating a child is a lot longer craft project than making a wooden sign. And I need to just remember which craft will have the larger impact – my wooden sign, or my well-adjusted (I hope) children. So, I think I’ll just have to keep stockpiling crafts and Pinterest ideas, and when I’m done with babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, then I’ll open my own crafters anonymous for mom’s like me. And we’ll spend our day’s creating things, while waiting for our best creations to come home from school.

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