Six Simple Ways to Celebrate the First Snow This Season

Daddy Crusader walked out the door to go to work this morning, turned around and said, “It’s snowing!” With Daddy’s announcement, my preschooler became a lady on a mission. She was going to build a snowman! She got dressed by herself faster than any other day in her life. And while the first snow of the season graced our home today, and snowed all day, there was never any accumulation. So, Mommy was left creating other ways to celebrate the first snow of the season.  I would like to share my six simple ways to celebrate the first snow this season:

Six Simple Way to Celebrate the First Snow of the Season. |


1) Twirl in it!

Twirling in the First Snow of the Year. |
Twirling in the First Snow of the Year.

First off, I got my preschooler dressed in her “warm woolies” and let her go outside and twirl in softly falling snow. We also took a moment to look at the delicate flakes slowly collecting on the windshield of the truck. The snowflakes were stunningly beautiful – with six spikes (like a 3D compass rose), and each feathered so delicately. (I tried taking a picture, but my camera is just not good enough.) She was disappointed that there wasn’t any snow on the ground yet (it was 7:30 in the morning). But, I suggested we wait until after breakfast, because surely there would be enough snow for a snowman by then.

2) Eat Snowflake Pancakes!

Eating Snow-Covered Pancakes. |
Eating Snow-Covered Pancakes.

Inside we went, and made pancakes together for breakfast. I had toyed with the idea of using a turkey baster and making snowflakes, but I’m not that good. Instead, we dusted the pancakes in powdered sugar, so they looked like they’d been snowed on.

3) Make Snow Angels!

Making "Snow" Angels. |
Making “Snow” Angels.

So, our snow angels were more like dirt and grass angels, but my preschooler still had fun trying to make one. We bundled the baby up for her first snow, and took her outside too. She didn’t even notice that it was snowing. We still had no accumulation and my preschooler was getting desperate. She wanted to build a snowman, and Mommy needed to figure out how make it happen. (She was asking nicely.)

4) Make a Snowscape!

Making a SnowScape |
Making a SnowScape.

After retrieving the Kindergartener from school, we came home and worked on creating a snowman. We got out Mommy’s cotton fluff, some pom-poms, glue, and glitter. Then, Mommy drew a basic background on a piece of cardstock, helped the preschooler cut out some people (previously printed out), and let her go at it. My Kindergartener got to join in this activity. My preschooler went for a 2D design, while my Kindergartener went for a more 3D look. They both had fun gluing their guys on, placing the pom-poms, and building their snowmen. Finally, her need to build a snowman was met – and she could take off her “warm woolies”.

5) Cut Paper Snowflakes!

Cutting Paper Snowflakes. |
Cutting Paper Snowflakes.

My older children wanted to get in on the celebration. So, because we still had no accumulation by 3 p.m. we decided to make some of our own. My preschooler and Kindergartner really struggle with cutting paper snowflakes, so they left this to their older siblings. After cutting a few, everyone decided to see – one more time—if any snow had built up. Nothing. So, we moved onto our final snow activity for the day.

6) Make Snow Drop Cookies and have a Tea Party!

Having a tea party with "snow" covered cookies. |
Having a tea party with “snow” covered cookies.

We mixed up a quick batch of cake cookies, adding chocolate and butterscotch chips to the batter. When the cookies were baked, we dusted them with powdered sugar, so that they looked like they had been snowed on. Then, after homework and chores were all finished, all four kids sat down to a lovely hot chocolate and cookie tea party.

Our celebrations of the first snow fall completed, and everyone is ready for the next snow fall. We hope to actually get some snow to play in, too. Do you do anything in your family to celebrate the first snowfall of the season? I’d love to hear about it. Let me know in the comments below.

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