Nobody’s Perfect

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There are some days in this crusade Mom’s go on with their children that just don’t go right. The kids are grumpy, the mom is tired, the house smells funny; whatever it is, the day just doesn’t go right. Days like that happen to everyone. These days are some of the longest days of my life. The other day, while …


The Magic Fountain

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My children recently discovered the power of coins. They’ve liked to collect them for a long time. But it wasn’t until just recently that the four oldest realized coins were good for something other than to look at.  Suddenly, every penny, nickel, dime, or quarter found on the floor is now a hot commodity. My children have learned that coins …


The Perfect Day

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Sometimes, it’s the little things in life that make or break a day. Today, I have to be honest, started out rough. Kids were fighting with kids. Mom was frustrated with not being able to get things done. Baby was grumpy. Everyone needed a little bit of love in their love buckets. We got out of the house for a …

Mind Your Manners

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I’ve noticed that my manners are evolving into something a little more bare-boned than what Miss Manners, Judith Martin, would recommend. Motherhood teaches a lot of lessons. One of them seems to be how to navigate meal times as quickly as possible, without creating much extra work. I call this evolution Mommy Manners. Mommy Manners are designed to let Mommies …


Cathedral Gorge

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  We recently spent a weekend camping at a fantastic state park, Cathedral Gorge State Park. While there, we found ourselves galloping around some slot canyons, formed by run-off through soft bentonite clay after Lake Bonneville drained a few thousand years ago. These canyons are amazing! They stretch 50 or 60 feet into the sky and are full of twists …


Mommy Crusader Family Fun 2 Comments

We like to go camping. By that, I think I mean we like to take our kids camping and we like camping with friends. We went camping a couple of months ago and ended up in a wind storm. I wish we had video of my husband and myself trying to take down our tent in that wind storm. It …


Our Las Vegas Strip family fun, budget friendly crusade, Part 4: The Linq High Roller Observation Wheel

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Our next activity on our crusade to enjoy the Las Vegas Strip, and not spend too much, was the Linq High Roller Observation Wheel. As we loaded the Observation wheel we were greeted by several video screens displaying some schematics and messages about the Observation wheel. Also, some helpful information was shared, so it was good to pay attention to …


Life’s Plot Points

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        Note: Sunday has always been a day to slow down, take stock¸ and reflect on life. For my family, Sunday is a day to worship God and draw closer to Him. So, on Sunday’s I like to write more reflective posts. Every life takes twists and turns. Looking back, there are definite points where decisions were …