The Magic Fountain


My children recently discovered the power of coins. They’ve liked to collect them for a long time. But it wasn’t until just recently that the four oldest realized coins were good for something other than to look at.  Suddenly, every penny, nickel, dime, or quarter found on the floor is now a hot commodity. My children have learned that coins can buy things — and that’s a powerful feeling.

Now, imagine their great delight when they noticed a fountain that had coins in the bottom of it.


We were at the local mall, going for a portrait sitting. As we were leaving, my Kindergartner and preschooler asked if we could ride in the glass elevator. (Elevators are almost as fun as roller coasters.) On our way to the elevator, my children spotted a decorative fountain. The fountain was the sort that just bubbles to the surface. A fairly basic fountain, but my kids were just amazed at what they found in the fountain.

We were just walking along when suddenly my Kindergartner just stopped and stared at the fountain. I couldn’t understand what he was staring at, so I walked a little closer. When my Kindergartner noticed that I’d come over to the fountain, he turned, and with eyes wide in surprise, said “Mommy, this fountain grows money. Can we pick some?”

So, now what do I do? I wonder to myself. Do I destroy the magic he’s just discovered? Or do I tell him how it works?

I actually decided to tell both of my children that the fountain doesn’t grow money. But that people have thrown coins in. I told them that each coin represents a wish someone had made.

After my brief explanation, my preschooler asked “Can we take some wishes home?” I told them they could take one coin each, just for asking so cutely. Then I explained that the fountain money is collected by people who give it to schools in our area. So, the wishes go to help make dreams come true. After that explanation, my amazing children carefully put their wishes back in the fountain.


The magic and love in the hearts of these kiddos are amazing.

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