You know you are a Mommy Crusader when:

Staying up late at night just to watch the newest Tinkerbell Movie not only happens, but is enjoyable.

I noticed the other day that the newest Tinkerbell movie “Pirate Fairy” was out on Netflix. I was sincerely excited. I had over the past few months watched snippets of the movie several times. The movie would be on at a friend’s home during a play date, and I’d sit and watch a few moments with my kids. Then mother duties would call, so I’d miss the next 30 min., and come back for the resolution. In four attempts at watching the movie, I’d never watch more than 10 minutes at a time. So, when my husband suggested a movie night after the kids were in bed, I picked “Pirate Fairy”.   I wanted to finally understand the plot of the movie. And I am happy to say, I actually was able to stay awake to watch the whole movie.

Every paper ever written on by your children is protected and saved for the next generation to enjoy.

I’m not quite that hyper about it, but I do have files full of my children’s artwork. Some of which date back to when my oldest was first making lines on pages. One of these days I’ll go through them and keep the best representative piece from each era of child development from each child. But for now, they sit in folders, labeled with dates and names, waiting to be adored all over again.

One child’s wrapped around your leg, another child is in your arms, and you’re styling your oldest child’s hair.


Yep, that’s us in the morning before heading off to school. I’m just glad my second child is a boy. I only have to brush his hair. And my oldest daughter’s not into fancy hairdos. But, she still needs some type of hair style before going off to school. Add to that the morning needs of a nursing baby, and a preschooler who wants to play “right now”, and you have a large enough situation that all limbs are needed.

You panic because, suddenly, the children all got very, very quiet. 


Yeah, so the other day my kids were playing happily in their rooms, and I was enjoying a brief moment of peace. Then, all the happy sounds stopped. And no other sounds started. Boy, did that get me out of my chair faster than anything. I rounded the corner to the room they were playing in, and although I didn’t find anything, I made them stop playing and come watch TV. I just wanted to make sure that nothing was really happening. Sometimes it’s better to stop something before it has a chance to start.

P.S.: This was a staged photo, but this a situation that would cause my children to become very, very quiet.

P.P.S: No hamsters were harmed during the staging of this photo.

Do you have any other ways you know you are a Mommy Crusader? Comment in the comments and I’ll add to the list. Thanks for reading!

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