Life’s Plot Points





Note: Sunday has always been a day to slow down, take stock¸ and reflect on life. For my family, Sunday is a day to worship God and draw closer to Him. So, on Sunday’s I like to write more reflective posts.


Every life takes twists and turns. Looking back, there are definite points where decisions were made that changed the direction of life. If that moment in time was on a TV reality show, there would be interviews about the choice, as well as commentary about what could have happened if the choice had been made differently. Maybe the producer would add some dramatic music and close-ups to emphasize to the watchers the importance of the choice. These choices are pivotal in how the stories of our lives develop.

One of these plot points for my family happened about six years ago. I woke up that year on my birthday thinking, “Wow, I’m 29 and I really haven’t had many difficulties in my life. That’s pretty cool.” Famous last words, really.

Shortly after that, we decided to leave where we were living to move closer to our family. We gave up a safe and secure position to do so.  We moved to a small town, bought our first home, and started living “the dream”.  Then, nine months later, we learned that my husband’s position was being eliminated. We would need to find new employment and sell our home by August.

We weren’t able to sell our home, but we were able to rent it. And we were able to find a position. We felt protected and blessed. And we were happy. We had a place to live, a job, and good friends. Things were fine. Then, one short year later, we found ourselves unemployed, and not knowing where we were going to live.

That was probably the hardest time for me, packing up my children’s things and not knowing where we would be unpacking them. I had known how to help my children heal, and they had. But the uncertainty of not knowing where any of my children were going to sleep was overwhelming. Again, we were blessed because of good friends. We were able to get two temporary positions and then shortly after, another full time position.  Again, we were protected and blessed.


A while ago, I was asked by my father, if I could go back and remake the decision to move and buy that house, would I? It took me a long time to answer this question. Part of the answer is based on my faith in my Heavenly Father and His plan for His children. Part of the answer is based on the growth and development I, we as a family, experienced going through those years of turbulence.

I know Heavenly Father knows who I am and who each member of my family is. He knows what we need to learn and will make our circumstances become our lessons. I’m not saying that what happened was caused by Heavenly Father, but that like all good parents, He used these moments created by our choices and the choices of others, as teaching moments to teach us incredibly important and irreplaceable lessons.

Lessons like faith, hope, what’s most important, strength, patience, happiness, and joy. Lessons that cemented our family together.  Lessons about how to bloom, no matter where we are planted. Lessons about the importance of friends and family and the safety net of love they offer. Lessons about the importance of following the direction of the Holy Ghost, every time!

So, to answer my father’s question. Would I go back and remake that pivotal decision?

Yes. Even though it led to incredibly hard, painful, difficult times, the lessons I have learned, my family has learned, were worth the price. Sometimes, even though we go through “the valley of the shadow of death; [we] will fear no evil: for [God is] with [us], [His] rod and [His] staff they comfort [us],” Psalm 24 verse 3, Bible, King James edition.


  1. Jenn Van Meter

    sometimes it feels like it would be easier to be able to have the “redo” button, doesn’t it? I am glad to see that you are one of the strong ones. :)

    1. admin

      You are also one of the strong ones. Thank you for being a constant part of my life, my friend.

  2. Becca

    I’m sure glad your life brought you to our ward in pg! (And I’m glad you have a blog so I can follow your cute family.)

  3. admin

    I’m am grateful everyday for the fantastic friends we’ve made on our journey. (And thanks for reading.:) )


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