There are some days in this crusade Mom’s go on with their children that just don’t go right. The kids are grumpy, the mom is tired, the house smells funny; […]

My children recently discovered the power of coins. They’ve liked to collect them for a long time. But it wasn’t until just recently that the four oldest realized coins were […]

Sometimes, it’s the little things in life that make or break a day. Today, I have to be honest, started out rough. Kids were fighting with kids. Mom was frustrated […]

I’ve noticed that my manners are evolving into something a little more bare-boned than what Miss Manners, Judith Martin, would recommend. Motherhood teaches a lot of lessons. One of them […]

  We recently spent a weekend camping at a fantastic state park, Cathedral Gorge State Park. While there, we found ourselves galloping around some slot canyons, formed by run-off through […]

We like to go camping. By that, I think I mean we like to take our kids camping and we like camping with friends. We went camping a couple of […]