Today started off foggy. Our second grader said “I think the cloud was too heavy. That’s why it’s touching the ground.” I think he was right. Since we’ve moved here, […]

Can I get a redo? This school year has started out great, until today. Today started with the parents not hearing the alarm clock until 30 minutes before Dad needed […]

Kindergartner flying a kite. |

There are moments when a mom gets affirmation that what she’s doing is the right thing. Sometimes those moments come after a very long time and it can be hard […]

Yesterday, my fourth grader told me that she heard a strange noise coming from the chimney pipe in the front room. I brushed her off at the time. The wind […]

A promise kept: juice for my Preschooler |

Not to sound cliché, but promises are important. As a parent, I make promises to my children and spouse on a daily basis. Some of these promises were made almost […]

My husband is the king of spontaneity. He likes to say let’s go do something, and then do it. We used to go for drives, go to the movies, or […]