A Rough Day

Can I get a redo?

This school year has started out great, until today. Today started with the parents not hearing the alarm clock until 30 minutes before Dad needed to be at work. We scrambled and woke up the kids, so they could get ready for school. The second grader didn’t wake up so well, screamed and woke up the Preschooler. The Preschooler cried and woke up the sleeping Baby. Then Mom left Dad to deal with that while she grabbed a fast shower. But Dad was busy getting himself ready while Mom showered and dressed.

During my shower, all four of my older children came to visit me in the bathroom. The Kindergartener actually pulled back the shower curtain to ask me to help with his pants’ button. My preschooler needed my help opening her clothes drawer. My fourth grader needed to use the bathroom (but we have two), and my second grader came in to tell me that he didn’t know why he was so upset.  Kind of awkward when one is desperately trying to shower and dress in the 10 minutes before hubby leaves.

After that auspicious start, I didn’t have much hope for the day. We managed to get the school-aged kids dressed, fed, and spruced up in time for the bus. Ahh, thank heaven for small miracles.

Then the rest of the day happened.

Kindergarten hasn’t started here yet, so I was left with the Kindergartener, preschooler, and baby. Both the Kindergartener and the preschooler claimed to have stomach aches, so they didn’t want any breakfast. Then, 20 minutes later, they were both “S T A R V I N G”. I had just put all the breakfast things away and cleaned up the dishes.

After solving that issue, the baby was ready for her nap – which lasted about 10 minutes because my other two children started to play “Let’s run around and scream at each other.”

We managed to grab a moment to create some fun watercolor pictures together before lunch. And after lunch we managed to do some workbook activities to enrich their brains.

Hot pans need hot pads. | mommycrusader.com
Hot pans need hot pads.

But just before all the school kids came home, I managed to burn my hand taking a hot pan of cookies out the oven – smart I know.

Preschooler with a split lip. | mommycrusader.com
Preschooler with a split lip.

And I accidently tripped my preschooler, making her fall on her face and split her lip. This instigated an hour long cry fest with me holding both baby and bleeding preschooler. The preschooler is fine now and doesn’t really remember she hurt her lip.

I was so glad when Dad got home. Some days are the kind of days that make me grit my teeth, evaluate what’s really important to get accomplished, and hang on until the cavalry arrives. I hope I don’t sound too whiney, but sometime in the future I’ll read this post and laugh that I thought this day was so bad.

Anyone else out there have a rough day sometimes? We can share whines if you want to.


  1. Oh yes, the last few days here have been seriously rough ones also. It’s days like this that I am always so appreciative of bed time, and that we sort of get a reset on a fresh day. “Mama said there’d be days like this…” :)


  2. LOL Are you kidding? You’re not alone. We all have days like this. I know just how you feel. I’ve got 7 kids and I’m thankful the older 5 go to school but even just the 2 littles at home can be pretty crazy some days. Hang in there you’re doing the best you can.


    1. Thanks so much for your encouraging words. I’m glad to know I’m not alone or weird because I have a tough day every now and then. I’ll keep hanging in there! You do the same! :)


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