It’s Back to School Time

Three of my kids start school next week, two on Monday, and the Kindergartner on Friday. The summer is gone, all used up. The summer was spent on fun outings, work, homework, staying up too late, moving, and many lazy days. I think we used our time this summer well, and made some good memories.

There have been a lot of blogs about how moms feel about sending their kids to school. Some say they are excited to have their kids going back to school. Some say they are sad to have their kids going back to school.

Sharpened PencilsS

Me, honestly, I’m relieved. I’m relieved to know that we survived a summer of excitement with all of our limbs attached. I’m relieved to have found all the school supplies on the supplies list. I’m relieved to have found clothing and shoes for my kids to wear to school. I’m relieved to know my kids are ready for school this year.

School Supplies for one child.

Yes, the backpacks are packed. The school clothes have replaced the play clothes. And my kids are finally going to get to wear their new school shoes. They are all excited. We’ve been living with a daily count down for the past week. My Kindergartener is excited about riding the bus to school. My second grader is excited about eating hot lunch. My fourth grader is excited for the spelling bee that might be coming up soon.

Backpack hanging ready for school.

Each school year brings so many new things. New teachers, new classmates, new adventures, and new struggles – all await. And while I’m relieved to have reached the end of summer and the beginning of school, I’m also hopeful.

I’m hopeful my children will make friends with their classmates. I’m hopeful they will be invited to birthday parties and playdates on Saturdays. I’m hopeful my children will be attentive students and try their best. I’m hopeful I’ll be able to attend to a few projects I’ve been neglecting. I’m hopeful teachers will understand my children and help them grow this year. I’m hopeful my children will be excited about learning. I’m hopeful the school supplies we purchased will last for a little while, at least.

The new school year brings changes in routines and household expectations. My children’s time with me gets shortened by six hours every day. I no longer provide all of their meals. I entrust their safety and well-being to the teachers, staff, and administration at their school. So, I’m also trusting.

I trust the school to provide a safe environment for my children to learn and grow. I trust the teachers to get to know my children personally, and facilitate their learning. I trust the students to be kind and welcoming to my children, as they start this new school year.

Summer has ended. A new school year is starting.

We are relieved, hopeful, excited, and trusting that this school year will be the best one my children have experienced so far. There will be many new adventures this year – and that’s the way it should be.

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