Daily Chores

I have five kids. They are great kids, but they are still kids. And they make messes, a lot, every day. We moved into a home that just had all […]

Help! I’m drowning in projects. I have cross stiches I’d like to finish, a baby blanket for my five year old, some wood signs I’d like to work on, and […]

Yippy! The area’s ISP service representative came over yesterday, and we are now hooked up to the Internet. I am so happy! I put on Alex Boye’s version of “Happy” […]

The toys are attacking!

We’re moving in a little while. It’s a good thing, actually. Currently there are seven of us sharing a 1200 square foot home. So, we all get a little more […]

Normally, when it’s time to get the oil changed in our vehicle, I load all the kids, grab a bag of things to do, some food (sometimes a lot), and […]

I’ve noticed that my manners are evolving into something a little more bare-boned than what Miss Manners, Judith Martin, would recommend. Motherhood teaches a lot of lessons. One of them […]