No-Sew Thanksgiving Table Runner

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner! With all the final preparations to complete, I like to keep my table dressing easy. This year, I found a way to make my table look ready for Thanksgiving without spending a lot of time on it with this no-sew Thanksgiving table runner.

No-sew Thanksgiving Table Runner |

The table runner is made of three different ribbon components. The main component is a deco mesh, in burgundy. The secondary accent comes from some Shiny Orange Tulle I forgot I had (I was going to use it for Halloween, oops.). And the accent ribbon is Three-Inch Wide, Wired Gold Florist Ribbon.  I used some old ribbon that I already had, I linked to a similar ribbon.  I used staples (yes staples) to hold everything thing together. I could have used hot glue, but I didn’t have any on hand and I didn’t want to go to the store, again.  All together the runner cost about $10 to make and took 20 minutes to put together. (My baby liked to come and sit in the middle of the runner while I was making it – which slowed me down a bit.)

First, I laid out the deco mesh on my table to measure how long I wanted it to be. I cut the mesh to be two feet shorter than the length of my table. If it hung down the ends of the table, I’m sure the baby would just pull it off. I placed objects on the corners to hold the mesh in place. Then I laid the orange tulle down the center of the deco mesh, and laid the florist ribbon down the center of the taffeta.

No-sew Thanksgiving Table Runner |
The deco mesh, tulle, and ribbon in various stages of being put together and bunched.

Next, I cut two tulle lengths equal to the length of the deco mesh (21 inches), and folded the width of the tulle in half.

I laid the folded tulle on the cut ends of the deco mesh so that its width was half on the deco mesh and half off the deco mesh. Then I folded the remaining taffeta to the other side of the deco mesh. I stapled the tulle, mesh, and ribbon together along the cut end of the deco mesh. I repeated this process for the other end of the table runner.

Next, I took some brown crocheting yard and tied a knot around each of the four corners of the table runner. I also bunched the tulle and ribbon and stapled them together about 18 inches from each end of the table runner. After I had stapled the ribbon and tulle together, I bunched and loosely tied the deco mesh, with the brown ribbon, at the same places where the ribbon and tulle were bunched.

No-sew Thanksgiving Table Runner |
Bunching and adding bows for the corners.

Finally, I tied four bows out of the orange tulle – one for each corner of the table runner. I slipped the yarn from the corners of the table runner through the back of one bow’s knot, and tied the bow in place. I repeated this process for the other three corners.

Then, I just had to place the table runner on the table, add my fall leaf centerpiece, some gourds and decorative corn and I was finished. In about 20 minutes, I had a fantastic table scape for Thanksgiving dinner – or just to celebrate the fall season.

No-sew Thanksgiving Table Runner |
The final products, with and without additional adornments.


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