Kids I Love to See on Halloween (And will give EXTRA Candy to….)

Every year, parents everywhere unleash trick-or-treaters, and we, the people behind the doors, hand out copious amounts of candy.  I LOVE to see the trick-or-treaters, and their cute costumes and smiles.  There are some Kids I Love to See on Halloween, and will give out extra candy to.

* Kids I know

This is just fun! I love seeing the kids I know in their costumes. I take time to talk to each one, and comment on their costume. I ask them a question, and try to make them feel special for a minute. I like to recognize their creativity and creation inherent in their costume.

* Kids who know me

I’m not the best name person. If someone knows me, but I can’t recall their name, I still want to see them on Halloween. I teach in the children classes for my church. All the kids know my name, but I’m still learning theirs. I still love to see them, talk to them, recognize them, and of course give them candy!

* Kids who knew where I lived BEFORE they knocked on my door

This one is a big safety thing for me. If people don’t know where I live, it’s most likely because I haven’t told them, or they don’t know me well enough to know. I think knocking on doors should be planned out and there shouldn’t be any surprises by who answers the door -even if it works out and the person behind the door is someone the kids know.

* My kids’ friends

I’m so excited to see my kids’ friends come and visit Halloween night. It’s so much fun to get to know them this way. Again, I love to talk to them about their costumes and take a minute and talk to each child.

* Kids from church

The kids from my church are fabulous. Of course I want to see them and what they decided to dress up as. Then, on Sunday I can talk to them about their costumes more.

* My friends’ kids

I love to see how my friends have dressed up their kids. I love to “Ooo” and “Ahh” over them. I have special candy for my friends and their kids. Am I partial? Yes.

* Kids wearing cute, but safe costumes

Okay, so I don’t do gory, and I don’t do masks. I love to be able to see who it is I’m giving the candy to, and I don’t want my baby scared because she’ll probably be helping me hand out the candy. I love seeing the creative costumes the kids dream up. Halloween, to me, is a lot about celebrating the creative act of dressing up.

* Kids under the age of 12

Trick or treating for any kid under age 12 is hard work. It’s hard for two and three year old children to climb porch steps and walk around to houses. It’s a lot of walking for seven and eight year old children. And it’s just plain fun for ten and 11 year old children. After that, it becomes begging for candy and loses a lot of the cute factor. The only exceptions, would be older siblings helping their younger siblings on Halloween night.

* Kids with parents or older siblings escorting them to make sure they are safe

I love it when a whole family, all dressed up, knocks on my door. It’s fun to chat with the parents and compliment the kids while the parents are right there. Also, I love seeing the service and care exhibited by older siblings taking their younger ones around. That can take a lot of patience, and I reward the patience with the “good” candy.

* Kids who knock before it’s very late

I turn my porch light on about 4 in the afternoon and I leave it on until about 8 p.m. After that, I have my own children who need to go to bed and wind down for the evening. I love to see trick or treaters any time during those four hours. Also, if someone knocks and I don’t respond, it’s probably because we are taking care of our children. Knocking again will only get the grumpy parents to open the door, not the candy passing out-ers.

* Polite kids who say “Trick or Treat,” “Please,” and “Thank You”

I love seeing well mannered kids who remember that the candy they are receiving is a gift, and that they are grateful for any amount they receive. Saying the customary “Trick or Treat” is always a good start. Please also makes the candy flow a bit more freely. Following up with a big Thank you, before running off my porch, just makes me feel like buying more candy for next year.

* Kids who politely wait after knocking on my door

If my porch light is on, I’ll come to the door on the first ring. I might have to remove a child or two to get there, so I love patient children who wait for me to come. If my porch light is off, then that means I’ve run out of candy, or my kids are going to bed. Ringing and pounding the door excessively (read more than once) will result in my being less generous with the candy.  More pounding equals less candy.

I look forward to seeing all these happy, fantastic children Halloween night. Happy safe and fun Trick or Treating everyone!


  1. It’s great that you shared some Halloween etiquette in this post, something for parents to note!


    1. :) I’m glad you appreciated the design of the post. Thanks for coming by and commenting. Happy trick-or-treating! :)


  2. So, basically almost all of them? LOL I have my favs that get more candy too :) Love how you explained why with some tips.


    1. I try to be generous. ;) Thanks for coming by and commenting. I hope you see all your favorites this Halloween. :)


  3. I never like when kids/teenagers come to the door that aren’t even dressed up! I always make them say “Trick or Treat” at least before I give them candy. :)


    1. Hold strong to that resolve — together we may make a difference in their attitudes. :) Thanks for coming by and commenting.


  4. “More pounding equals less candy”, lol, that is so true. I just love the little cuties under 5 yrs old, I just want to give them a squeeze :)


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