Funny Things Kids Say or Do

My kids are fantastic comedians. They do or say funny things all the time. I’ve been paying closer attention just so I can share a few of the funny things with my readers.

The prime comedian seems to be my preschooler. She is always coming up with interesting questions and answers to those questions.

For example, today while we were working on the yard project, she asked, “Mommy, what if I had five bums?”  My reply was, “It would be awfully hard to wipe all of those bums.” She giggled, but then said, “Mommy, what if I had five hands?” I replied, “What would you do with five hands?” She then said, “I’d wipe my five bums.” I practically fell over laughing.

While we are all thinking of bums . . . my Kindergartener displayed a fantastic bum dance in response to a suggestion to watch TV. Normally, the display of a bum dance is taken as a rude gesture. So, I asked, “Child, what are you doing?” To which he replied, “My bum is saying ‘YES!’ to watching TV.” I laughed so hard that my preschooler decided doing a bum dance would be a good thing to do. I actually captured a bit of the dance as a video. It’s included in the post, with their permission, for all to enjoy.

Another recent example of my children’s comedic abilities occurred when we were at a pot luck party. There was a great big vat of ice and sodas at the pot luck. Well, at the end of the party, the ice was dumped out on the lawn. My kids thought this was fantastic. They threaded the ice onto our fourth grader’s headband, and on to their fingers. My fourth grader was the “Ice Queen” and everyone else was her minions – until the ice melted.

The Ice Queen and her Minion.

Also, the other day my preschooler picked out one of our baby spoons from the drawer. She put it to her mouth and said “Hi! I’m a talking spoon.” I managed to get the rest of the conversation the spoon had on video – check it out.

Other funny things are more one liners we’ve picked up over the past few months.

Such as:
* “I love you more than eight octopuses,” said by our preschooler to our Kindergartener. (We still aren’t quite sure what that meant.)
* “It’s not okay to say ‘I toasted your cookies’ to the person you’re playing with. It’s okay for the person who was toasted to say it, but not the person who did the toasting,” I actually said this one to our Kindergartener to help him understand some sportsmanship concepts.
*“Um, can I have a head, the real one,” said our Kindergartener to our second grader while discussing some Lego people
*“Don’t eat the kibble,” was the standard catch phrase to our baby when we were visiting grandma and her dogs.
*“I want to honk the truck,” said our Kindergartener about the semi-truck coming up the road in front of our house. The driver honks, waves and smiles. Thanks for making my son’s night!


  1. Love, love, love!! this post was super super! I especially love the bum dancing! ben says that he especially loved the 5 hands! I also almost fell over laughing about that one!


    1. I’m sure glad y’all enjoyed this post! I had my editor (read husband) laughing out loud because he wasn’t there for either the bum dancing or the five hands conversations. :) Thanks for your comments!


  2. Kids say some of the best things! I love reading about what others say. Thank you for sharing. :)


  3. I enjoy kids so much. I have a kindergartener as well and she makes my days pretty darn often! Thanks for the share.

    (Stopped by from Mommy A to Z’s blog hop)


  4. Your kids are adorable. Sounds like you have a very entertaining household. What fun!


    1. There are days … Thanks for enjoying my kids with me. I appreciate your comments. Thanks for coming by.


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