The Baby Wrote the Blog Post

The Baby Wrote the Blog Post

My baby seems to have a love/hate relationship with the computers in our household. She loves to try to get to them and push the buttons. She hates it when I have my laptop out and am working, or writing.  I decided to let her have a turn with the laptop for this post. So, here it is – a post written by our baby. Her thoughts have been translated for those who don’t read “baby”.  And she is explaining the conflicted feelings she has about the laptop. Enjoy!

The Baby wrote the blog post |
Check out what the baby said when Mommy let her lose with the computer.

What the baby is saying

Jcccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccsweeeklt ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;o G  — Now, let me translate. My baby is saying she hates Mommy’s computer. It takes up Mommy’s lap and some of Mommy’s time. Mommy’s lap is her lap, she says, and nothing (or no one) had better be on Mommy’s lap but her. She’s also saying that after all the smaller big people go to bed, it’s her time with Mommy. The computer shouldn’t be anywhere near Mommy then, she says.

W]E[JOR1gjmrgn000[:P en – She’s also saying that all those buttons and funny noises it makes when she pushes the buttons are neat. She doesn’t understand why Mommy won’t let her push the buttons. She’s really good at pushing things. She says she’s had a lot of practice in the last year learning how to push things like chairs, toys, and siblings. She says she is definitely qualified to push those buttons.

;a’FE’ewfmGv]a41b5aesfkzb sz – Now she’s asking why the computer gets to have Mommy’s attention. The baby says she knows Daddy’s over there, but she wants Mommy. Daddy’s only good if he has a handful of chocolate chips, she says.  She wants Mommy’s attention. She’s cuter than the computer, and can do more things too. So, why is Mommy spending so much time on the computer?  (Editor’s note: Please remember that the baby is 1, and a lot of time can be equal to about 15 min.)

P]ooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  — She says Mommy’s left the room so now I can push all the buttons on the computer I can get to. I’ll have to hurry, she says, because when Mommy gets back, she’ll just have to close all these fantastic boxes I opened. It was a lot of hard work to open all these boxes, I think Mommy should appreciate what I did to help her, not just close everything. If she would just see that I’m trying to help her get her work done faster so that Mommy can spend more time with me, I know she would be so proud of me, the baby says.

That’s all the baby has to say about this topic. Now she’s just crying on the floor. I’d better save this file and work on this post another day. Really, the baby is right. I should be playing with her now. She is cuter and can do more things than the computer. And I really don’t want the baby to develop a hatred of computers – that would severely impact her educational opportunities.


  1. melissajane01

    Ha! I’m always afraid my kids are going to drop my computer on the floor. Mommy’s computer is off-limits. =)


    1. Ah, boundaries. Such a deceptively simple, yet strategic idea. They work so well, but are so hard to implement sometimes. Thanks for visiting and commenting.


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