Recent Blog Posts – an Update

Packing and Moving: The Kitchen

We are still sifting through boxes in our new home, but we’ve managed to find homes for more than 70 percent of our stuff. Our laundry room and downstairs bathroom are completely unpacked.  I hope to have the upstairs bathroom finished this week. We’re also going to start some major landscaping in the back yard in the next day or two. So, things are making good progress from being packed up to being completely unpacked and settled. I’ll post more photos as rooms finish.


As I mentioned earlier, our entire area was asked by our church leaders to hold a special day of fasting and prayer for more rain. That day was yesterday. Last night the clouds rolled in and started to rain. It’s still raining now, and it’s mid-afternoon. It’s fantastic! I am always amazed at the goodness and graciousness of God.

No Data!

So, it’s been the prescribed ten business days that our ISP told us to wait for our internet to be connected. We called today to see what the time line was. We were told that it could be one more day or could be up to another week. It just depends on the technician’s schedule. I’m a little frustrated with this ISP. Anyone interested in starting a competing ISP in my neck of the woods? Let me know, I’ll be your first customer.

The Crusade of a Lifetime

My final update is about my friend’s fight against diabetes. Thanks so much for all those who have shared and donated so far. The gofundme account has raised $3,000 and about half the tickets have been sold. This family still needs our help and support. If you have an extra dollar or two, please consider donating it.

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