So, How was Your Day?

My husband came home from work and asked, “How was your day?” It’s his normal greeting, but it caught me off guard this time. How to even begin to describe how my day had gone? Where to start?

So, How was Your Day? |

The day started out full of promise. I was going to get to do a Mommy craft! (I spend a lot of my time making things with my children, but not so much for myself.) I was going to make a Jewelry Board to replace my broken jewelry box.

My preschooler and I got started. Then I learned that power tools, of any type, make my baby scream like a banshee. That was something I didn’t know about her.  Learn something new every day, right? I stopped, comforted the baby, but really wanted to get this project finished. The baby ended up taking an hour nap – so I was able to get the power tool portion of the project finished. I realized I didn’t have a few of the supplies I needed to finish the project. A trip to the store was needed.

By that time, I had 15 minutes to be ready to go get my Kindergartener from school. Yikes, I hadn’t dressed yet. I sat my preschooler down with a juice cup and a Curious George, ran upstairs, and discovered the baby was crying. I grabbed the baby – got her happy – and threw on some clothes. (Who really needs to shower every day?)

We made it to Kindergarten pick up, and weren’t late. Yippy! And we were able to find what we needed at the store. Then it was time to head home, make lunch, read with kids, craft with kids, do the dishes, put the baby down for another nap, and finish my craft – all before my two other kids got home from school. I had three hours. I could do this.

Starting the craft |
The Kindergartener starting to paint the board.
Starting the craft |
The Preschooler working on the craft

We started with a craft. I had a board I needed to paint, and I thought my preschooler and Kindergartener would like to paint it. They did and the board got painted without too much of the table getting painted too. It was then time to start lunch. I went to the stove to work on lunch. I asked my Kindergartener to wash out the paintbrushes. While I was busy at the stove, I noticed the water had changed sounds. I turned around and found the water wasn’t draining properly. I fished around and thought the drain plug was engaged. It was, so I loosened it. But nothing happened. My sink’s drain was plugged.

Fixing the sing |
The muck bucket ready to catch the junk in the P-trap.

So, I got out our muck bucket, took off the P-trap, and found what was causing the problem – a plastic straw. Yep. Somehow a plastic straw had made its way into the pipes. I thought I’d solved my problem.

P-trap off |
The P-trap off, and the drain is clear.

But the drain still wasn’t draining. I got the toilet plunger and plunged the sink drain. That dislodged the rest of the mess. I was able to put the P-trap back on, disinfect the sink, and finish preparing lunch. (May I give a shout out to my Father for teaching me how to solve problems like this –Thanks Dad!)

A clean sink |
The sink all clean, and functional again.

And that’s kind of how the rest of my day went. One minor, or major – depending on the point of view— problem after another kept presenting itself to be solved. At some point, I managed to get my craft done and the kids were happy. I think I’ll clean up the house tomorrow.

In answer to my husband’s question, “How was your day?”, I just smiled and said, “Fine.”


  1. Holly (2 Kids and Tired)

    Oh, I can so relate. Mine are teenagers now, but it’s still amazing at how a day can get totally hijacked! Thanks for stopping by my activity blog.


  2. Love how you illustrated this in pictures. This is how I feel most days when the hubs asks me about my day. There is too much to say so I just move on.


    1. LOL! That’s exactly how it is most days. Here’s to days too full to talk about. :) Thanks for coming by and commenting.

  3. normaleverydaylifeblog

    Sometimes all the detours and rabbit trails in the day just can’t be explained! Good for you for fixing the plumbing. I bet your husband was glad to come home to that project being done!


    1. He actually didn’t know about it until he read the post. Oops. Thanks for understanding! I appreciate you coming by and commenting. :)


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