My House Says “Duck!”

My new house is a fabulous house. It is a two-story house with a fantastic living area on the main floor and the bedrooms on the second floor. We have a wood burning stove to help heat the house in the winter. Our kitchen and dining area together were the size of our living space in our old house. I’m not sure the square footage, but it feels large to me. I feel like we finally have space enough for our family of seven. I really like my new house.

I like our back deck. I like that the laundry room is upstairs. I like having two bathrooms, one on each floor. I like having a great room with a fire place. I like having enough room for my piano, desk, and turtle tank in the front room, along with the couch, recliners, and TV stand. I love having room for all the book cases. And I love our garage. I love the insulation and construction of our house. It doesn’t have air conditioning, but the house stays very cool. I love the layout and floor plan. I like our back yard. It’s a work in progress right now, but I like being able to work on it. It’s large and will be a great place to play in. I love our neighborhood. There are children on our street for our children to play with.

And I love the personality our new house has.

Our new house has a sneak detector built into the top floor. It is impossible to walk down the hallway upstairs without people hearing. Whether I’m downstairs, or upstairs, I can tell where my children are by listening to the floor. It makes sneaking out of rooms at night very difficult to do. On the flipside, the sneak detector makes slipping into rooms to check on sleeping children also difficult to do.

4th Grader tries sneaking out of her room.
Kindergartner trying to sneak out of his room.
2nd Grader trying to sneak out of room.

Our new house also has an interesting architectural design. Because of how harsh the winters can be, the roof of our new house is very steep – this lets the snow fall off instead of too much accumulating, becoming too heavy, and them smashing the roof in.  So, I’m a fan of the peaked roofs. One drawback, though, is that our house says duck to anyone entering the bedrooms on the second floor.

The Parent’s Room Says Duck!
The Girls’ Room Says Duck!
The Boys’ room says duck!
The Bathroom says duck!

The ceilings in each bedroom lose about one third of their space to the peaked roof. The walls on the outside edge of the room are half as tall as the interior walls. At night, it is easy to not see the roof and smack my head into it. (I don’t have very great night vision.) I have run my head into the roof putting our baby in her bed at night. I’ve also run my head into the bathroom’s roof after using the toilet late at night. It’s quite an eye opening moment. But so far, no major concussions have occurred.  So, our house says “duck.” It also says “Mind your head.”

I really love my house. I’m so excited to be living here. And I love that my house says “duck.”


  1. Kristin Kroh

    I love that your new house has a personality of its own. The houses here don’t have much personality at all.


    1. Thanks! Non-personality houses usually adopt the personalities of their occupants. Your house has a very fun and entertaining personality. :) Thanks for reading!


  2. I grew up in a house with a peaked roof and often thought my room upstairs had more personality and lots more joyful memories than my friend’s boring ones!


    1. I’m glad your experience was so positive. I’m hoping my kids feel the same. Thanks for coming by and for the comments.


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