A Beautiful Rainbow World – Book Review

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I sincerely appreciated the opportunity to review this book for the good people at MulticulturalKidBlogs.com. I received a free book in order to do this review, but all the opinions are mine and my children’s.

I had the opportunity to read and share a fantastic photo book with my children this weekend – A Beautiful Rainbow World. The book is created by Suzee Ramirez and Lynne Raspet and based on the song “A Beautiful Rainbow World” by Daria Marmaluk-Hajioannou.

A Beautiful Rainbow World - Book Review | MommyCrusader.com

The message of both the song and book is one of acceptance for everyone, just as they are. The photos are stunning and full of emotion. One photo, of a young child in the bath, had me laughing out loud. Another photo, a close-up of a child looking off into the distance, brought tears to my eyes.  All of the photos were amazingly stunning, as they captured children from all walks of life just being children. The photos were fantastic complements to the text used in the book. After each chorus, there is a beautiful two page photo. My favorite of these is the young boy fishing in the ocean. I think he’s using a fishing pole three times his size.

The text of the book was simple, written with fun fonts, and aesthetically pleasing, while still being readable. As I read the book to my Kindergartener, he recognized the chorus “Beautiful rainbow, beautiful rainbow, beautiful rainbow world” because of the font and layout and was able to read it every time the chorus appeared in the book. He was so proud of himself and it was fun to hear him read.

Kindergartener reading | MommyCruasder.com
Some of my favorite pictures as we read this book together

This book is appealing to children of all ages. My preschooler really enjoyed seeing all the pictures of the children and noticing their uniqueness. She really seemed to like the photo of the child with the starfish. She said “The starfish is bigger than his belly.” My Kindergartener enjoyed “reading” a book to Mommy, and seemed to really enjoy seeing the photo of the superhero. My second grader enjoyed listening to the book, but then took the book and read through it by himself. He laughed and giggled at the photos as he was reading. My fourth grader also enjoyed the book. She let me read it to her, and then she looked at it twice more on her own. She seemed enjoy the photo of the girl with amazing hair the best. The book captivated all of my children’s attention. That was amazing to me because of the span of ages my children cover – 9 to 3. Not many things will keep them all quietly engaged.

Finally, the purchase of this book includes a free download of the song “A Beautiful Rainbow World” by Daria Marmaluk-Hajioannou. The song is a fun song, and my children spontaneously began dancing when the music started playing. We listened to the song four times before their attention waned.

The book is listed on Amazon.com for $11.66 in book form and $2.99 as a Kindle edition.

Beautiful Rainbow World Cover

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