Small Victories

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Today, I was able to put on my wedding rings and wear them comfortably all day. Today, I was able to walk through the grocery store to buy herbal tea. Today, I was able to sing my children their good night songs. These are a few of the small victories I’ve been blessed to experience since my operation to remove my thyroid earlier this week.

Small victories are such hopeful events. They can sometimes get lost amid the impatience to get back to full steam. Yet, it is only through these victories that strength and stamina are built back up. Celebrating the victories allows for a sense of accomplishment, even when the “list” doesn’t get completed.

Through small and simple things are great works accomplished.

Celebrating the small victories allows for more reasons to celebrate, until ultimately, the grandest goal or greatest desire has been accomplished.

This doesn’t just apply to people recovering from a surgery or illness. These victories should be celebrated whenever they occur. The positive reinforcement allows for greater growth in those areas in which people are changing.

So here’s to the small victories! I hope you all may have many, many victories in the future.

Sometimes it’s the small victories that give people the power to continue whatever journey they are on. Today I celebrate some of my small victories.

Please share your favorite small victory you’ve had this week in the comments below! I’d love to celebrate with you.

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  1. Small victories are soooo important!! Hope your surgery went well and that you a healing and resting. I was finally able to get my wedding rings on this week too after five years of too much excess weight to wear them!

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  2. I’m so happy to hear you are recovering well Deb! Those small victories are what get you through the rough days, and build to the days you love to live. I think that it is fantastic that you are already singing, it sounds like you had a good doctor who made sure to be careful around your vocal cords. Yay! Me and my family have been thinking about you.
    I have a family trip this week to pack for. My victory was washing all of the laundry so that we can be clean when we go. Not very thrilling, but very necessary, and I’m glad it is done.

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