Why Mom’s should Never Wear White

A few years ago, my mother bought me a fantastic pair of white slacks. I had to take them back. Don’t get me wrong, they were super cute. They fit fabulously and I looked really good in them. Everything I want in a pair of slacks – except they were white. White clothes are rare in my wardrobe after nine years of mothering.

I like the color white. White is clean and crisp. White is professional and casual. White matches everything. So, why doesn’t it exist in larger quantities in my wardrobe? Four letters: K I D S.


White  | Mommycrusader.com
This is why moms should never where white

Kids are murder on clothes in general. There are days when I feel my pants, and they’re crunchy from one thing or another that one or more of my children wiped on them. I recently walked out of our church building with a sugar cookie hand print on my nice purple blouse. At least the handprint was on my shoulder—I’m just saying. And I still remember the dinner when an entire gallon of red, yes red, punch landed in my lap all over my, sigh, brand new summer outfit. Like I said, kids are murder on clothes.

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I see a warning sign “Don’t touch without a biohazard suit!”

I think that’s why none of my clothes – that I wear regularly – are white.  I’d need to buy stock in a bleach company if I was going to wear white more often. I have one or two outfits that include white articles of clothing, but I only wear those when I’m going somewhere without children. Right now, that happens only about every other year.

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Selection of clothes from my closet.

Well, this morning, I put on a white tee shirt. We weren’t going to be doing anything too dangerous – like crafts with paint – and I thought I could get away with it. My big agenda items for the day included finishing the dishes, folding the laundry, and playing with my kids. Well, we had just finished lunch and my white shirt is . . . well, I’m sure I can bleach it.

Stains | Mommycrusader.com
Can you see all the additions to my shirt?

I have peaches mushed into the hem. Chocolate cakes squished down one side. Something blue that I’m not sure what is–maybe juice from a fruit snack?  It’s intermingled with the chocolate cake. Oh, and let’s not forget the drip of cheese right along the collar.  And no, I am not the person who put any of these fabulous additions on my shirt.

Well, at least I know about the mess under my nose. I have gone out of the house before, and, after arriving at my destination, looked down and realized that most of my children’s lunch was on my shirt. Sometimes, I’ve carried an extra shirt in my car for just that type of occasion. However, that only works if I remember to replace the extra shirt once it’s been used.

So, although I like white and I like clothes that are white, white will just have to wait. Good thing white’s a classic color. I’m sure it’ll be in style when my children are old enough to get their clothes dirty – instead of mine.

What fashions have you had to put aside because your children are too hard on them? Let me know.


  1. normaleverydaylifeblog

    White does take a beating! I can wear it now, but I still rarely buy it for my children. They inevitably end up dirty!


  2. A few weeks ago I made the mistake of wearing white pants and giving my 9-month-old blackberries to eat. Purple stains all over my pants! I guess, though, that’s the badge of honor we wear :-) (I did, thankfully, manage to get it out with some white vinegar and cold water!) Stopping by from the Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop.


    1. White vinegar and cold water, hmm, I’ll have to give that a shot. Thanks for the idea and the support. Moms with stained clothing unite! :) Thanks for the comments and for stopping by.


  3. agreed! Sometimes I think my wardrobe (the surviving pieces) makes people think I’m always on my way to a funeral. I will not even let my kids near the lighter close while shopping. Also I am pretty sure I have that same striped shirt hanging in my closet. :) lol


    1. It must have been a popular shirt this season. :) LOL
      Thanks for coming by and commenting! Good luck with your future wardrobe acquisitions. :)


  4. A fun read! I think I should use my not-a-mommy-yet days to wear more of whites :D

    Thank you for linking up with us on Wake-Up Wednesdays. I am Tanya from Kreative Korner, a co-host for the party.


    1. Enjoy the white days while you can! I’m glad you enjoyed my post. Thanks for hosting the linkey and thanks for coming by and commenting. :)


  5. I have three types of clothing now: “around the house, messy clothes,” “nice clothes that make me feel good when out,” and work-out clothes *unused work out clothes, lol.
    Before I had the fourth category “nice enough to be seen in, but not nice enough to be upset if ruined” but now that my daughter’s 3.5 she’s aware when she’s messy and knows better than to wipe any of that mess on me, LOL.


    1. I love your categories, and our husbands wonder why we have so many clothes? LOL. Strong work teaching your daughter not to share her messes. :) Thanks for coming by and commenting.

  6. Melissa

    I’ve had people ask me why I wear so much black and not more colour. The answer? Black is what’s left when all the other clothes has met their end because of stains!


    1. LOL! It’s so, so true. There is a hope for more color in the future, right? Thanks for coming by and commenting. :)


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