Life is helping me focus on being humble recently. I've noticed there are many definitions to the word humble. Here are a few of my thoughts about "humble".


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That seems to be the theme of this year… Humble.

Humility is the act of being grateful for the smallest blessings, even when there seems to be many more trials. Humility is learning to trust that no matter what the “plans” were, there is a greater plan that will lead to a better end.

It is humbling to watch children grow in grace and understanding. It is amazing everything these little ones come already knowing. It is humbling to watch a two-year-old share her candy (the thing she loves the most) with every member of the family.  It is humbling to watch a five-year-old take five or six prizes from a birthday piñata, and then promptly share them with her younger sister.  It is humbling to watch two brothers work happily together to achieve a clean bedroom, even though others had stopped before the goal was achieved.

Other amazing, and humbling, experiences have happened this year. The generosity of neighbors and friends, the love of family members, the greatness of so many people – so many exquisitely priceless moments that end in humility.

Humility has an interesting side effect – it makes those who possess it think of the needs of others. Humility begets love for others, and a sincere desire for their wellbeing. Humility is an amazingly powerful force for good. Humility allows others the space to be human, weak, and faulty, without judgement or anger. Humility is probably the most humble of all character traits, but one that enables the goodness in a person to shine through.

At times, humility means patience when it feels like the mountain is too tall that you’ve been asked to climb. It means continuing forward, no matter how steep the terrain, how awful the weather, or how frightening the path. Accepting the path, and learning to find the beauty in the path are what gives humility it’s power.

Humility is this . . . and humility is a hundred more things.

What are some things you think about when you think of the word “humble”?

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