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We started in September. Dad and I had a dream, a vision so to speak. Our family of seven was going to be characters from the Lego Movie for Halloween. We had it all planned out. It was going to be fantastic. Then life happened. And that’s why I found myself searching for Halloween costumes, online, and ended up at HalloweenCostumes.com.

The National Retail Federation says the average American will spend $75 on Halloween costumes, candy, and decorations. If we took that average for our family, we would expect to spend $525 for Halloween this year – not in our budget. After processing that for a moment, it was time to get costume hunting.

First, I had the kids come and pick out what they wanted to be for Halloween. $240 later, all five costumes were picked out. There wasn’t a theme or reason behind each pick – just what that particular child wanted to be. $240 for costumes was not in our budget for Halloween.


Next, I tried some themed costumes for the kids. I was shopping online; because where I live there aren’t any major retailers.  I tried a superhero theme and I was shopping at Walmart.com. The price tag for this group of costumes was a fantastic $186. While less, it was still more than I wanted to pay on costumes. I have a large family and need to stretch my dollars any way I can.

I tried Spirit, Wholesale Halloween costumes, and Party City. Still nothing worth the price asked for the costumes. Finally, I came upon Halloween Costumes.com.

Halloween Costumes.com was offering a 20 percent discount on first time purchases. I was able to find five costumes for my family for only $112 – that includes the tax and shipping. And without the discount, the costumes were still reasonably priced at about $20 each. I was super excited, but now had to wait for the costumes to arrive. I was pleasantly surprised when the costumes arrived three days earlier than expected.

But I was even more pleased when I saw the costumes. The costumes were made with quality fabric. The costumes have details sewn on, not just screen printed, that make them a complete costume. And, they include the parts of the costume that make the costume work.  The stitching is reinforced and the costumes are well put together.

These costumes are so well made that I’m not worried about having my children wear them around a bit before Halloween. Unlike other costumes we have purchased in years past for about the same price. Those costumes lasted through the Trick-or-Treating, but ended up with popped stitches, or pulled hems. These costumes, however, will withstand even pretend play.

Also, the costumes fit the size of child they were intended to fit. In past years, I’ve had to spend many hours altering store bought costumes so they actually fit my children. With that much effort, I always think, I might as well make the costumes myself.

I was so glad to stumble onto this website. And no, this is not a sponsored post. I was just so happy with my experience with this website and the quality of the merchandise I received, I thought I’d spread the word. I took the easy way out this year, and was glad to be rescued by the good people at Halloween Costumes.com.

Maybe next year I’ll make our costumes. . .but to be honest, I probably won’t.


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    What a great resource for families living on a budget! This is great-thank you for taking the time to check it out and report to us.

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