Ghostly Eyes

I finally got the bushes in front of my house trimmed enough so that I could put up my outside Halloween decorations. I had some ghosts I made last year, but I wanted to add something more to them. I found a fun idea at Thrifty Crafty Girl for Halloween decorating.

But, I thought I’d modify the idea a little. I wanted the decorations to be visible in the daytime as well as the night. I came up with these ghostly eyes.

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They are a very simple craft, but because a box cutter is used, I don’t recommend having young children help. In fact, I kept the baby in her high chair the entire time I was working. I didn’t want to risk the possibility of her getting too curious and getting hurt.

The supplies needed for this simple and fun craft.

Here’s a list of the supplies needed:
6 used toilet paper or paper towel tubes – whichever is preferred (I used toilet paper tubes)
1 string of mini lights – I used clear for a brighter effect, but colored would create a spookier look.
A roll of packing tape
1 package of cheesecloth

The tool’s I used included:
A box cutter

Now, first follow the directions from Thrifty Crafty Girl found here. Next, thread the cut tubes onto the string of lights. Be sure to start placing the tubes from the plug end. Remember to leave some lights to the plug side of the first tube so that the string can be plugged in. Also, some lights will need to be left in between each tube so that the final ghostly eyes can be arranged more easily.

Next, place three inches of packing tape on one end of the tube. Then, stuff four or five lights into the tube. Cover the other end of the tube with three more inches of packing tape. I used packing tape because it’s much easier to take off and if I want to change these out, I don’t want to deal with the sticky residue left from duct tape.

How the ghostly eyes come together.

After the tubes are put together, it’s time to dress them up in their ghostly guises. To begin, cut between 18 inches to 1 yard of cheesecloth. Next, lay the cheesecloth over the tube and tie a knot under the tube. Next, wrap the cheesecloth over and around the tube and lights a few times, until it looks right.

Finally, place the wrapped tubes in the bushes, or hang them up, or decorate however is desired. The ghostly eyes are finished and ready to spook and haunt.

This was a simple craft, and it only took me 30 minutes, from start to finish, to complete. This craft adds a fun and spooky dimension to my family’s Halloween decorations.

What have you added to your decorations this year? I’d love to hear or see about them. Please share in the comments below.


  1. Love the idea of the eyes peering out at you! We’ve been making loads this year but my favourite is the pumpkin sun catcher that we made :)


    1. Your pumpkin sun catcher looks super fun. Thanks for enjoying my idea too. I appreciate you coming by and commenting!


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