Seven Days of Service for Mother’s Day Challenge

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It can be difficult to think of a thoughtful gift children can give to their mother for Mother’s Day. The usual cards, coupon books, and handprints are nice, and sweet, but sometimes it is nice to give something different and a bit unexpected.  This year instead of promising to do things for Mom – just do the things, one act of secret service every day until Mother’s Day. Spend the week prior to Mother’s Day completing the seven days of service for Mother’s Day Challenge.

Seven Days of Service: Day 1, Sunday
This is the Sunday before Mother’s Day. Today is a good day to help Mom with the dinner dishes. Cleaning up the dishes is one polite way to say, “Thank you, I enjoyed what you made”. Also, it would be really nice to let Mom just relax after making a nice dinner. Helping with the dishes is something that is difficult to do secretly, but try anyway. See what happens.

Seven Days of Service: Day 2, Monday
On the Monday before Mother’s Day, take a moment and take out all the trash in the house. Don’t forget to reline the trash cans. Do this when Mom won’t see and won’t be expecting it. It’s so nice to come into a kitchen and have the trash already taken out.

Seven Days of Service: Day 3, Tuesday
Today’s a big challenge – secretly clean the kitchen for Mom. Don’t let her catch you. Clean the counters, the stove, the microwave, the fridge, the sink, etc. Don’t forget the floor. If you can get it done before Mom needs to cook dinner, you will get to see her surprised and grateful face.

Seven Days of Service: Day 4, Wednesday
On the Wednesday before Mother’s Day, dust the living areas and vacuum/sweep the floors. By this time in the week Mom’s going to know someone is helping her out in the household – so do your best to not get caught. She’s sure to appreciate the extra help.

Seven Days of Service: Day 5, Thursday
This is the Thursday before Mother’s Day. Today, the challenge is to clean Mom’s bathroom. The bathroom is one of those places Mom may escape to for a bit of alone time. Make it sparkle for her. Add a bouquet of wild flowers and slip away. She is sure to enjoy the surprise during her few moments by herself.

Seven Days of Service: Day 6, Friday
Today is a good day to help Mom catch up the laundry. Whenever you pass the laundry room, check and see if there’s something to be folded, or a load of laundry to be moved, or something to be put away. Also, check for dirty laundry hiding out in the house and collect it. Remember this is secret service – so you’ll need to be sneaky.

Seven Days of Service: Day 7, Saturday
This is the final challenge of the Seven Days of Service for Mother’s Day – tidy up Mom’s bedroom. Chances are that Mom spends a lot of time cleaning the rest of the house and never really gets to straighten her room. Spend some time tidying her room. Make her bed, vacuum the floor, dust, and straighten. She’s sure to notice that someone’s done something in her room and she’s sure to be very grateful.

After spending the last seven days finding chores done for her, Mom’s going to be curious about who’s been helping. The choice is yours – you can either admit to everything you’ve done that week, or keep it a secret. Either way – today would be a good day to give her a nice card and tell her how much you love her. (Especially since you just spent the last week showing her she is loved.)

Admittedly, some of these challenges will be hard to pull off and keep secret. Maybe working as a team with Dad and other siblings would help, or doing the chores in chunks would help keep the service a secret. Even if you get caught – Mom won’t mind, and she won’t know all that you are trying to do, so keep at it. Mom will truly enjoy your gift of secret service this Mother’s Day.

Click here for a free check list for the Seven Days of Service for Mother’s Day.

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