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Halloween Favorites

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If you are looking for something to do this week to celebrate the “ooky, spooky” Halloween (as my kindergartner says) – here are a few of my Halloween favorites. These activities are simple, traditional activities that the whole family can do together. *the post may contain affiliate links. Fun Recipes Puffed-Rice Balls One of my all-time favorite Halloween treats was …

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Puffed Rice Pumpkins

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Ever find that special food that reminds you of feeling loved? These puffed rice pumpkins are that food for me during Halloween time. When I was a little girl, my Grandmother’s house was my favorite house to go Trick-or-Treating at. She always seemed so pleased to see me all dressed up in my costume. My Grandmother didn’t live in my …

Small Victories

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Today, I was able to put on my wedding rings and wear them comfortably all day. Today, I was able to walk through the grocery store to buy herbal tea. Today, I was able to sing my children their good night songs. These are a few of the small victories I’ve been blessed to experience since my operation to remove …

There are so many ways to make a family garden. This year I've started my garden for $50. Here's how to make an inexpensive upcycled family garden.

How to make an Inexpensive Upcycled Family Garden

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Putting in a family garden has been a long-standing family tradition and is something I love doing. During World War II, the family garden was called a victory garden because it allowed more of the country’s resources to be devoted to feeding and outfitting those in the military. Not only is the family garden a tradition, it is a very …

Here's the conversation every couple needs to have before baby arrives, for the health of the mommy and the sanity of the daddy.

The Conversation Every Couple Needs to Have Before Baby arrives

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Having a baby is such an amazing, terrifying, wonderful, life-changing, emotional roller-coaster event in a couple’s life. Every birth is a miracle – and something amazingly sacred and special. But, sometime between finding out that there’s going to be an addition to the family and that addition actually coming, there is a conversation every couple needs to have before baby …

We go on a lot of car trips,and have learned a few ways to make the car trips easier for the whole family.

Car trips with kids

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We drove to California a little while ago. Driving in the car for longer than two hours can be a scary experience for any parent. It’s something I generally don’t attempt by myself. Actually, I don’t usually attempt car trips longer than an hour by just myself and my kiddos. It just gets too hazardous. I become the woman we’ve …